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Hotels in Itaueira

Here is a list of accommodation and hotels in Itaueira And nearby. You can make a reservation for a hotel room in Itaueira With our partner booking.com.

Below are shown the minimum and maximum rates for renting a room or apartment, and a brief description of the accommodation in Triunio (4.89 km), Angical (1) (5.29 km), Juá (7.85 km), Malhada Vermelha (8.35 km), Canto dos Bezerra (8.51 km), Batalha (9.68 km), Varzea (9.70 km), Brejo Seco (9.99 km), Mosquito (10.30 km), Unha de Gato (11.68 km).

Exact time in Itaueira

Time zone : America/Fortaleza

Zone : BRT Brasilia Time | UTC : -03:00 hours | DST : -03:00 hours

Local time :
Local time in Itaueira
Time zone :
Capital :
Population :
Elevation :
264 m
Currency :
Dial code :

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Airports near Itaueira

Senador Petrônio Portela AirportTeresina284 km
Senador Nilo Coelho AirportPetrolina334 km
Brig. Lysias Augusto Rodrigues AirportCarolina490 km
Prefeito Renato Moreira AirportImperatriz542 km
Paulo Afonso AirportPaulo Afonso562 km