Distance between Brasília and Curitiba
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Distance between Brasília and Curitiba

Brasília and Curitiba are separated by a distance of about 1,081.2 km straight line.

See also the distance and distance between Brasília and Curitiba, calculated for a trip (by car ), calculated for a bike ride, on foot or public transport (bus, metro, train, tram).

You also have the travel duration Brasília for Curitiba and the fuel costs (petrol or diesel) to cover the distance between Brasília and Curitiba.

To find a hotel in Curitiba, check the following page: Hotéis at Curitiba

Distance by car :
The travelling time :
Distance in a straight line :
1,081.2 km
Cost of fuel (gasoline)
Cost of fuel (diesel)
Cycling distance :
Bike duration :
Distance by car :

Distance between Brasília and Curitiba (by car) : 0.
Travel time by car : 0.
Cost of fuel (diesel) : 0.
Cost of fuel (gasoline) : 0.

1,081.2 km km0 m0h0mn

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    Better routes from Brasília to Curitiba

    How to go to Brasília by bus from any cities or places? What is the best route from Curitiba to Brasília ? You can find answers to these questions on this page and even more information like trip duration, the shortest and fastest routes. Below, you have links to rent a car at Brasília or Curitiba, if necessary.

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    Comparison of Brasília and Curitiba

    StateFederal DistrictParana
    Population2,207,718 inhabitants1,718,421 inhabitants
    Average altitude1136 m924 m
    Distance in a straight line1,081.2 km
    Distance by car
    Duration route (by car)
    Distance (by bicycle)
    Durée (By bicycle)

    Routes of Brasília

    Distance Brasília-Pinhais Itinerary Brasília Pinhais 117,000 inhabitants
    Distance Brasília-Almirante Tamandaré Itinerary Brasília Almirante Tamandaré 89,499 inhabitants
    Distance Brasília-São José dos Pinhais Itinerary Brasília São José dos Pinhais 124,224 inhabitants
    Distance Brasília-Colombo Itinerary Brasília Colombo 217,000 inhabitants
    Distance Brasília-Araucária Itinerary Brasília Araucária 111,302 inhabitants
    Distance Brasília-Campo Largo Itinerary Brasília Campo Largo 94,668 inhabitants
    Distance Brasília-Paranaguá Itinerary Brasília Paranaguá 141,013 inhabitants
    Distance Brasília-São Bento do Sul Itinerary Brasília São Bento do Sul 77,597 inhabitants
    Distance Brasília-Ponta Grossa Itinerary Brasília Ponta Grossa 292,177 inhabitants
    Distance Brasília-Joinville Itinerary Brasília Joinville 461,304 inhabitants
    Distance Brasília-Jaraguá do Sul Itinerary Brasília Jaraguá do Sul 130,130 inhabitants
    Distance Brasília-Itapeva Itinerary Brasília Itapeva 62,957 inhabitants
    Distance Brasília-Blumenau Itinerary Brasília Blumenau 293,949 inhabitants
    Distance Brasília-Itajaí Itinerary Brasília Itajaí 155,716 inhabitants
    Distance Brasília-Telêmaco Borba Itinerary Brasília Telêmaco Borba 58,880 inhabitants

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    Distance between Curitiba and the nearest cities


    CitiesPopulationDistance from Curitiba
    Planaltina 189,412 inhabitants 35 km
    Planaltina 88,853 inhabitants 50 km
    Luziânia 143,601 inhabitants 53 km
    Formosa 81,232 inhabitants 69 km
    Padre Bernardo 16,118 inhabitants 78 km
    Abadiânia 7,062 inhabitants 96 km
    Pirenópolis 13,615 inhabitants 111 km
    Cristalina 36,531 inhabitants 115 km
    Silvânia 11,377 inhabitants 122 km
    Vianópolis 7,807 inhabitants 124 km

    Places near Brasília

    LocationsDistance from Brasília
    Capetinga / Taquara Ecological Interest Area 19 km
    Paranoa 16 km
    Parque Nacional de Brasília 11 km
    Iate Clube de Brasília 7 km
    Rio São Bartolomeu Environmental Protection Area 26 km
    Parque Rural E Estaciao Biologica 6 km
    Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics Ecological Reserve 18 km
    Lagoa Mestre d’Armas 34 km
    Lago do Paranoá 12 km
    Ribeirão Torto 9 km
    Ribeirão Sobradinho 27 km
    Ribeirão Rodeador 29 km
    Rio Pipiripau 28 km
    Rio Melchior 37 km
    Córrego do Lamarão 57 km
    Ribeirão Cariru 54 km
    Rio Sao Bartolomeu 17 km
    Chapada Vendinha 30 km
    Chapada da Contagem 18 km
    Bartholomew River Basin 20 km