Distance between Campinas and Salvador
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Distance between Campinas and Salvador

Campinas and Salvador are separated by a distance of about 1,425.8 km straight line.

See also the distance and distance between Campinas and Salvador, calculated for a trip (by car ), calculated for a bike ride, on foot or public transport (bus, metro, train, tram).

You also have the travel duration Campinas for Salvador and the fuel costs (petrol or diesel) to cover the distance between Campinas and Salvador.

To find a hotel in Salvador, check the following page: Hotéis at Salvador

Distance by car :
The travelling time :
Distance in a straight line :
1,425.8 km
Cost of fuel (gasoline)
Cost of fuel (diesel)
Cycling distance :
Bike duration :
Distance by car :

Distance between Campinas and Salvador (by car) : 0.
Travel time by car : 0.
Cost of fuel (diesel) : 0.
Cost of fuel (gasoline) : 0.

1,425.8 km km0 m0h0mn

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    Better routes from Campinas to Salvador

    How to go to Campinas by bus from any cities or places? What is the best route from Salvador to Campinas ? You can find answers to these questions on this page and even more information like trip duration, the shortest and fastest routes. Below, you have links to rent a car at Campinas or Salvador, if necessary.

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    Comparison of Campinas and Salvador

    StateSao PauloBahia
    Population1,031,554 inhabitants2,711,840 inhabitants
    Average altitude686 m10 m
    Distance in a straight line1,425.8 km
    Distance by car
    Duration route (by car)
    Distance (by bicycle)
    Durée (By bicycle)

    Routes of Campinas

    Distance Campinas-Lauro de Freitas Itinerary Campinas Lauro de Freitas 141,280 inhabitants
    Distance Campinas-Simões Filho Itinerary Campinas Simões Filho 116,662 inhabitants
    Distance Campinas-Camaçari Itinerary Campinas Camaçari 188,758 inhabitants
    Distance Campinas-Valença Itinerary Campinas Valença 63,231 inhabitants
    Distance Campinas-Santo Antônio de Jesus Itinerary Campinas Santo Antônio de Jesus 73,957 inhabitants
    Distance Campinas-Feira de Santana Itinerary Campinas Feira de Santana 481,911 inhabitants
    Distance Campinas-Alagoinhas Itinerary Campinas Alagoinhas 122,688 inhabitants
    Distance Campinas-Jequié Itinerary Campinas Jequié 127,475 inhabitants
    Distance Campinas-Ilhéus Itinerary Campinas Ilhéus 155,499 inhabitants
    Distance Campinas-Itabuna Itinerary Campinas Itabuna 205,660 inhabitants
    Distance Campinas-Estância Itinerary Campinas Estância 55,654 inhabitants
    Distance Campinas-São Cristóvão Itinerary Campinas São Cristóvão 71,539 inhabitants
    Distance Campinas-Aracaju Itinerary Campinas Aracaju 490,175 inhabitants
    Distance Campinas-Nossa Senhora do Socorro Itinerary Campinas Nossa Senhora do Socorro 163,993 inhabitants
    Distance Campinas-Itabaiana Itinerary Campinas Itabaiana 63,888 inhabitants

    Other names : CPQ, Campinas, Campinas e Regiao, Campinas e Região, Conceicao de Campinas, Conceição de Campinas, Gorad Kampinas, Kampinas, Kampinasas, Regiao de Campinas, Região de Campinas, kamapinasa, kambynas, kampinaseu, kan pi na si, kanpinasu, kmpynas, Горад Кампінас, Кампинас, Кампінас, קמפינאס, كامبيناس, کمپیناس, কামপিনাস, კამპინასი, カンピーナス, 坎皮纳斯, 캄피나스

    Distance between Salvador and the nearest cities


    CitiesPopulationDistance from Salvador
    Valinhos 88,630 inhabitants 10 km
    Vinhedo 56,492 inhabitants 16 km
    Hortolândia 203,533 inhabitants 17 km
    Paulínia 65,595 inhabitants 19 km
    Louveira 31,093 inhabitants 23 km
    Sumaré 227,977 inhabitants 23 km
    Jaguariúna 31,717 inhabitants 24 km
    Pedreira 39,198 inhabitants 24 km
    Itatiba 67,934 inhabitants 25 km
    Indaiatuba 179,911 inhabitants 26 km

    Places near Campinas

    LocationsDistance from Campinas
    Centro Rural de Limeira 47 km
    Loteamento Jardim Morada do Sol 49 km
    Loteamento Jardim Nova Aparecida 47 km
    Loteamento São João 48 km
    Loteamento Jardim Martelli 57 km
    Loteamento Jardim Julita 57 km
    Loteamento Nova Trieste 41 km
    Loteamento Borges da Cruz 48 km
    Loteamento Recanto das Palmeiras 58 km
    Loteamento Maringá Segundo 57 km
    Loteamento dos Palmares 57 km
    Loteamento Jardim Maracanã 54 km
    Loteamento Palavra da Vida 55 km
    Loteamento Chácaras São Pedro 55 km
    Loteamento Balneário Porta do Paraiso 53 km
    Loteamento Estância Parque 53 km
    Loteamento Aparecidinha 64 km
    Loteamento Mont Blanc 63 km
    Loteamento Sierra Madre 66 km
    Loteamento Jardim Capuavinha 69 km
    Colônia da Usina Iracema 61 km
    Agroflora 50 km
    Companhia Melhoramentos 60 km
    Bairro do Pinhal 39 km
    Bairro do Breu 38 km
    Bairro dos Soares 43 km
    Iara 50 km
    Alagoas 58 km
    Pinhal 49 km
    Barra Verde 53 km
    Cachoeira do Prudente 55 km
    Represa de Santana de Parnaíba 49 km
    Reservatório do Juqueri 65 km
    Reprêsa do Tatu 37 km
    Represa do Salto Grande 30 km
    Reservatório Paulo de Paiva Castro 64 km
    Tanques Saneamento Basico do Estado de São Paulo 67 km
    Ribeirão Três Barras 32 km
    Ribeirão dos Toledos 45 km
    Ribeirão do Tatu 40 km
    Ribeirão do Tabajara 44 km
    Ribeirão São Luís 37 km
    Ribeirão Quilombo 34 km
    Ribeirão das Pombas 46 km
    Ribeirão Pirapitinguí 31 km
    Ribeirão Piraí 37 km
    Rio do Pinhal 44 km
    Ribeirão do Pinhal 38 km
    Ribeirão do Pinhal 54 km
    Ribeirão dos Pereiras 54 km
    Ribeirão do Pântano 34 km
    Ribeirão das Onças 31 km
    Ribeirão Mombuca 50 km
    Córrego do Moinho 34 km
    Ribeirão do Mato-Dentro 39 km
    Córrego do Macaco 34 km
    Ribeirão dos Limas 41 km
    Ribeirão do Lambedor 42 km
    Ribeirão Lambari 47 km
    Ribeirão da Lagoa Nova 43 km