Distance between Salvador and Cali
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Distance between Salvador and Cali

Salvador and Cali are separated by a distance of about 4,573.1 km straight line.

See also the distance and distance between Salvador and Cali, calculated for a trip (by car ), calculated for a bike ride, on foot or public transport (bus, metro, train, tram).

You also have the travel duration Salvador for Cali and the fuel costs (petrol or diesel) to cover the distance between Salvador and Cali.

To find a hotel in Cali, check the following page: Hotéis at Cali

Distance by car :
The travelling time :
Distance in a straight line :
4,573.1 km
Cost of fuel (gasoline)
Cost of fuel (diesel)
Cycling distance :
Bike duration :
Distance by car :

Distance between Salvador and Cali (by car) : 0.
Travel time by car : 0.
Cost of fuel (diesel) : 0.
Cost of fuel (gasoline) : 0.

4,573.1 km km0 m0h0mn

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    Better routes from Salvador to Cali

    How to go to Salvador by bus from any cities or places? What is the best route from Cali to Salvador ? You can find answers to these questions on this page and even more information like trip duration, the shortest and fastest routes. Below, you have links to rent a car at Salvador or Cali, if necessary.

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    Comparison of Salvador and Cali

    Population2,711,840 inhabitants2,392,877 inhabitants
    Average altitude10 m967 m
    Distance in a straight line4,573.1 km
    Distance by car
    Duration route (by car)
    Distance (by bicycle)
    Durée (By bicycle)

    Routes of Salvador

    Distance Salvador-Yumbo Itinerary Salvador Yumbo 71,436 inhabitants
    Distance Salvador-Puerto Tejada Itinerary Salvador Puerto Tejada 53,674 inhabitants
    Distance Salvador-Palmira Itinerary Salvador Palmira 247,986 inhabitants
    Distance Salvador-Buga Itinerary Salvador Buga 118,004 inhabitants
    Distance Salvador-Buenaventura Itinerary Salvador Buenaventura 240,387 inhabitants
    Distance Salvador-Tuluá Itinerary Salvador Tuluá 165,501 inhabitants
    Distance Salvador-Popayán Itinerary Salvador Popayán 258,653 inhabitants
    Distance Salvador-Neiva Itinerary Salvador Neiva 352,855 inhabitants
    Distance Salvador-Armenia Itinerary Salvador Armenia 315,328 inhabitants
    Distance Salvador-Calarcá Itinerary Salvador Calarcá 62,170 inhabitants
    Distance Salvador-Cartago Itinerary Salvador Cartago 134,827 inhabitants
    Distance Salvador-Pereira Itinerary Salvador Pereira 440,118 inhabitants
    Distance Salvador-Ibagué Itinerary Salvador Ibagué 421,685 inhabitants
    Distance Salvador-Dos Quebradas Itinerary Salvador Dos Quebradas 179,583 inhabitants
    Distance Salvador-Pitalito Itinerary Salvador Pitalito 53,685 inhabitants

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    Distance between Cali and the nearest cities


    CitiesPopulationDistance from Cali
    Itaparica 20,100 inhabitants 20 km
    Lauro de Freitas 141,280 inhabitants 22 km
    Simões Filho 116,662 inhabitants 24 km
    Madre de Deus 14,887 inhabitants 28 km
    Camaçari 188,758 inhabitants 37 km
    Saubara 15,662 inhabitants 38 km
    São Francisco do Conde 24,614 inhabitants 42 km
    Maragogipe 20,921 inhabitants 49 km
    São Sebastião do Passé 31,049 inhabitants 51 km
    Santo Amaro 46,748 inhabitants 52 km

    Places near Salvador

    LocationsDistance from Salvador
    Aratu 21 km
    Madre De Deus 27 km
    Port De Salvador 1 km
    Sapiranga Reserve 68 km
    Ilha do Manguinho 69 km
    Rio Copiaba-Açu 52 km
    Ponte de Bicudo 66 km
    Riacho Tijuco 48 km
    Rio Capivari 60 km
    Recifes Caitás 66 km
    Rio Jequiriçá 52 km
    Lagoa do Garapuá 71 km
    Lagoa do Carapetangue 69 km
    Morro de São Paulo 63 km
    Serra da Guaíba 54 km
    Rio Paraguaçu 49 km
    Ponta Panã 68 km
    Rio Guai 47 km
    Rio Garapuá 69 km
    Rio da Dona 42 km
    Rio Jaguaribe 41 km
    Ilha dos Francêses 45 km
    Serra das Covoadas 39 km
    Rio Batatã 38 km
    Ilha do Monte Cristo 38 km
    Ilha Carapeba 37 km
    Ponta Garcia 39 km
    Barra Falsa 36 km
    Morro Cabeça de Negro 37 km
    Ponta Caixa-Pregos 37 km
    Ilha de São Gonçalo 32 km
    Alto do Sabão 55 km
    Ponta dos Carapebas 33 km
    Ilha Matarandiba 28 km