Distance between São Paulo and Paracatu
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Distance between São Paulo and Paracatu

São Paulo and Paracatu are separated by a distance of about 703.3 km straight line.

See also the distance and distance between São Paulo and Paracatu, calculated for a trip (by car ), calculated for a bike ride, on foot or public transport (bus, metro, train, tram).

You also have the travel duration São Paulo for Paracatu and the fuel costs (petrol or diesel) to cover the distance between São Paulo and Paracatu.

To find a hotel in Paracatu, check the following page: Hotéis at Paracatu

Distance by car :
The travelling time :
Distance in a straight line :
703.3 km
Cost of fuel (gasoline)
Cost of fuel (diesel)
Cycling distance :
Bike duration :
Distance by car :

Distance between São Paulo and Paracatu (by car) : 0.
Travel time by car : 0.
Cost of fuel (diesel) : 0.
Cost of fuel (gasoline) : 0.

703.3 km km0 m0h0mn

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    Better routes from São Paulo to Paracatu

    How to go to São Paulo by bus from any cities or places? What is the best route from Paracatu to São Paulo ? You can find answers to these questions on this page and even more information like trip duration, the shortest and fastest routes. Below, you have links to rent a car at São Paulo or Paracatu, if necessary.

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    Comparison of São Paulo and Paracatu

    -São PauloParacatu
    StateSao PauloMinas Gerais
    Population10,021,295 inhabitants70,753 inhabitants
    Average altitude769 m693 m
    Distance in a straight line703.3 km
    Distance by car
    Duration route (by car)
    Distance (by bicycle)
    Durée (By bicycle)

    Routes of São Paulo

    Distance São Paulo-Unaí Itinerary São Paulo Unaí 60,202 inhabitants
    Distance São Paulo-Catalão Itinerary São Paulo Catalão 63,544 inhabitants
    Distance São Paulo-Patos de Minas Itinerary São Paulo Patos de Minas 126,234 inhabitants
    Distance São Paulo-Luziânia Itinerary São Paulo Luziânia 143,601 inhabitants
    Distance São Paulo-Patrocínio Itinerary São Paulo Patrocínio 71,963 inhabitants
    Distance São Paulo-Formosa Itinerary São Paulo Formosa 81,232 inhabitants
    Distance São Paulo-Caldas Novas Itinerary São Paulo Caldas Novas 63,675 inhabitants
    Distance São Paulo-Brasília Itinerary São Paulo Brasília 2,207,718 inhabitants
    Distance São Paulo-Pirapora Itinerary São Paulo Pirapora 51,656 inhabitants
    Distance São Paulo-Araguari Itinerary São Paulo Araguari 96,565 inhabitants
    Distance São Paulo-Planaltina Itinerary São Paulo Planaltina 88,853 inhabitants
    Distance São Paulo-Uberlândia Itinerary São Paulo Uberlândia 563,536 inhabitants
    Distance São Paulo-Anápolis Itinerary São Paulo Anápolis 319,587 inhabitants
    Distance São Paulo-Senador Canedo Itinerary São Paulo Senador Canedo 61,800 inhabitants
    Distance São Paulo-Aparecida de Goiânia Itinerary São Paulo Aparecida de Goiânia 510,770 inhabitants

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    Distance between Paracatu and the nearest cities


    CitiesPopulationDistance from Paracatu
    São Caetano do Sul 136,453 inhabitants 12 km
    Guarulhos 1,169,577 inhabitants 14 km
    Diadema 390,633 inhabitants 15 km
    Osasco 677,856 inhabitants 16 km
    Santo André 662,373 inhabitants 16 km
    São Bernardo do Campo 743,372 inhabitants 18 km
    Taboão da Serra 214,523 inhabitants 18 km
    Carapicuíba 361,112 inhabitants 20 km
    Mauá 386,069 inhabitants 22 km
    Caieiras 87,188 inhabitants 23 km

    Places near São Paulo

    LocationsDistance from São Paulo
    Loteamento Lagoinha 54 km
    Loteamento Chácara Monte Serrat 37 km
    Loteamento Montesol 24 km
    Loteamento Jardim Norberto 32 km
    Loteamento São Silvestre 33 km
    Loteamento Cidade Luz 38 km
    Loteamento Jardim Paulista 38 km
    Loteamento Parque Santa Fé 38 km
    Loteamento Parque Represa Bilings 36 km
    Loteamento Jardim Santo Antônio 37 km
    Loteamento Manacá 57 km
    Loteamento Olhos-de Água 63 km
    Loteamento Nova Trieste 52 km
    Loteamento Borges da Cruz 43 km
    Loteamento Recanto das Palmeiras 36 km
    Loteamento Maringá Segundo 37 km
    Loteamento dos Palmares 36 km
    Loteamento Jardim Maracanã 42 km
    Loteamento Palavra da Vida 43 km
    Loteamento Chácaras São Pedro 47 km
    Loteamento Balneário Porta do Paraiso 49 km
    Loteamento Estância Parque 52 km
    Loteamento Recanto da Paz 44 km
    Loteamento Aparecidinha 20 km
    Loteamento Alpes da Cantareira 14 km
    Loteamento Mont Blanc 30 km
    Loteamento Sierra Madre 28 km
    Loteamento Jardim Capuavinha 26 km
    Loteamento Chácaras Cabuçu 19 km
    Loteamento Portal das Colinas 31 km
    Baía de Santos 58 km
    Largo de Santa Rita 51 km
    Largo da Pompeba 49 km
    Canal de Piaçaguera 47 km
    Mar Pequeno 54 km
    Largo do Cubatão 47 km
    Largo do Canéu 48 km
    Barra de São Vicente 55 km
    Lago Nossa Senhora Aparecida 28 km
    Lagoa Nossa Senhora Aparecida 28 km
    Cercada Ressaca 52 km
    Represa de Santana de Parnaíba 39 km
    Rio Pequeno 30 km
    Reservatório do Rio Grande 26 km
    Reservatório do Rio das Pedras 38 km
    Reservatório do Reprezas da Rio Grande 26 km
    Reservatório do Juqueri 24 km
    Reservatório de Guarapiranga 23 km
    Represa de Jaguari 53 km
    Represa Billings 28 km
    Reservatório Paulo de Paiva Castro 24 km
    Reservatório Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo 12 km
    Represa Guarapiranga 23 km
    Tanques Saneamento Basico do Estado de São Paulo 26 km
    Rio Vigas 45 km
    Rio São Jorge 50 km
    Rio Santo Amaro 60 km
    Rio Sandi 51 km
    Rio Quilombo 46 km
    Rio Pinheiros 10 km