Distance between Valença and São Paulo
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Distance between Valença and São Paulo

Valença and São Paulo are separated by a distance of about 333.5 km straight line.

See also the distance and distance between Valença and São Paulo, calculated for a trip (by car ), calculated for a bike ride, on foot or public transport (bus, metro, train, tram).

You also have the travel duration Valença for São Paulo and the fuel costs (petrol or diesel) to cover the distance between Valença and São Paulo.

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Distance by car :
The travelling time :
Distance in a straight line :
333.5 km
Cost of fuel (gasoline)
Cost of fuel (diesel)
Cycling distance :
Bike duration :
Distance by car :

Distance between Valença and São Paulo (by car) : 0.
Travel time by car : 0.
Cost of fuel (diesel) : 0.
Cost of fuel (gasoline) : 0.

333.5 km km0 m0h0mn

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    Better routes from Valença to São Paulo

    How to go to Valença by bus from any cities or places? What is the best route from São Paulo to Valença ? You can find answers to these questions on this page and even more information like trip duration, the shortest and fastest routes. Below, you have links to rent a car at Valença or São Paulo, if necessary.

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    Comparison of Valença and São Paulo

    -ValençaSão Paulo
    StateRio de JaneiroSao Paulo
    Population61,144 inhabitants10,021,295 inhabitants
    Average altitude560 m769 m
    Distance in a straight line333.5 km
    Distance by car
    Duration route (by car)
    Distance (by bicycle)
    Durée (By bicycle)

    Routes of Valença

    Distance Valença-São Caetano do Sul Itinerary Valença São Caetano do Sul 136,453 inhabitants
    Distance Valença-Guarulhos Itinerary Valença Guarulhos 1,169,577 inhabitants
    Distance Valença-Diadema Itinerary Valença Diadema 390,633 inhabitants
    Distance Valença-Osasco Itinerary Valença Osasco 677,856 inhabitants
    Distance Valença-Santo André Itinerary Valença Santo André 662,373 inhabitants
    Distance Valença-São Bernardo do Campo Itinerary Valença São Bernardo do Campo 743,372 inhabitants
    Distance Valença-Taboão da Serra Itinerary Valença Taboão da Serra 214,523 inhabitants
    Distance Valença-Carapicuíba Itinerary Valença Carapicuíba 361,112 inhabitants
    Distance Valença-Mauá Itinerary Valença Mauá 386,069 inhabitants
    Distance Valença-Caieiras Itinerary Valença Caieiras 87,188 inhabitants
    Distance Valença-Embu Itinerary Valença Embu 221,733 inhabitants
    Distance Valença-Barueri Itinerary Valença Barueri 251,994 inhabitants
    Distance Valença-Mairiporã Itinerary Valença Mairiporã 54,415 inhabitants
    Distance Valença-Franco da Rocha Itinerary Valença Franco da Rocha 108,858 inhabitants
    Distance Valença-Jandira Itinerary Valença Jandira 113,605 inhabitants

    Other names : Marques de Valenca, Marquês de Valença, Valensa, ballensa, wa lun sa, Валенса, Վալենսա, 瓦倫薩, 발렌사

    Distance between São Paulo and the nearest cities


    CitiesPopulationDistance from São Paulo
    Vassouras 21,174 inhabitants 18 km
    Barra do Piraí 87,668 inhabitants 28 km
    Mendes 17,308 inhabitants 31 km
    Miguel Pereira 23,850 inhabitants 33 km
    Paty do Alferes 20,659 inhabitants 35 km
    Paracambi 36,098 inhabitants 40 km
    Pinheiral 19,469 inhabitants 43 km
    Paraíba do Sul 35,517 inhabitants 43 km
    Japeri 95,101 inhabitants 45 km
    Lima Duarte 13,480 inhabitants 46 km

    Places near Valença

    LocationsDistance from Valença
    Paraiba do Sul 46 km
    Rio Sarapuí 72 km
    Vala Boca Larga 73 km
    Cabo do Brito 74 km
    Pedras da Gloria 74 km
    Rio Estrela 74 km
    Canal do Rio Iguaçu 71 km
    Valão da Draga 53 km
    Rio Botas 62 km
    Rio São Pedro 47 km
    Ribeirão das Lajes 43 km
    Serra do Arrozal 53 km
    Mirante 999 58 km
    Rio Barra Mansa 59 km
    Serra do Couto 46 km
    Piraí Rio 28 km
    Serra do Amparo 50 km
    Ribeirão do Secretário 29 km
    Serra da Taquara 20 km
    Ribeirão Grande 40 km
    Rio Paraíba do Sul 42 km
    Rio Bonito 11 km
    Serra das Abóboras 36 km