The distances between Schroeder (Santa Catarina) and other cities
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Schroeder is located in the region Santa Catarina. The population of Schroeder totalled 15,505 inhabitants, representing 0.01% of the total population of Santa Catarina.

This page allows you to calculate a route from Schroeder to another destination. Also see the distances and routes between Schroeder and other cities and get the parcour length and estimated fuel cost.

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City :
State :
Santa Catarina
Time zone :
Population :
Average altitude :
46 m
Currency :
Telephone code :

Distance between Schroeder and the most populated cities

Distance Schroeder-São Paulo Itinerary Schroeder-São Paulo 10,021,295 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Rio de Janeiro Itinerary Schroeder-Rio de Janeiro 6,023,699 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Salvador Itinerary Schroeder-Salvador 2,711,840 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Fortaleza Itinerary Schroeder-Fortaleza 2,400,000 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Belo Horizonte Itinerary Schroeder-Belo Horizonte 2,373,224 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Brasília Itinerary Schroeder-Brasília 2,207,718 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Curitiba Itinerary Schroeder-Curitiba 1,718,421 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Manaus Itinerary Schroeder-Manaus 1,598,210 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Recife Itinerary Schroeder-Recife 1,478,098 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Belém Itinerary Schroeder-Belém 1,407,737 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Porto Alegre Itinerary Schroeder-Porto Alegre 1,372,741 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Goiânia Itinerary Schroeder-Goiânia 1,171,195 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Guarulhos Itinerary Schroeder-Guarulhos 1,169,577 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Campinas Itinerary Schroeder-Campinas 1,031,554 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Nova Iguaçu Itinerary Schroeder-Nova Iguaçu 1,002,118 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Maceió Itinerary Schroeder-Maceió 954,991 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-São Luís Itinerary Schroeder-São Luís 917,237 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Duque de Caxias Itinerary Schroeder-Duque de Caxias 818,329 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Natal Itinerary Schroeder-Natal 763,043 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Teresina Itinerary Schroeder-Teresina 744,512 inhabitants

Cities near Schroeder

Distance Schroeder-Jaraguá do Sul road map Schroeder-Jaraguá do Sul 130,130 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Guaramirim road map Schroeder-Guaramirim 21,422 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Corupá road map Schroeder-Corupá 12,600 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Joinville road map Schroeder-Joinville 461,304 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-São Bento do Sul road map Schroeder-São Bento do Sul 77,597 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Pomerode road map Schroeder-Pomerode 21,898 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Barra Velha road map Schroeder-Barra Velha 17,665 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-São Francisco do Sul road map Schroeder-São Francisco do Sul 36,224 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Rio Negrinho road map Schroeder-Rio Negrinho 41,914 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Timbó road map Schroeder-Timbó 33,765 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Indaial road map Schroeder-Indaial 44,359 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Blumenau road map Schroeder-Blumenau 293,949 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Penha road map Schroeder-Penha 20,096 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Gaspar road map Schroeder-Gaspar 33,658 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Residencia Moacir PU5BHV road map Schroeder-Residencia Moacir PU5BHV 10,000 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Navegantes road map Schroeder-Navegantes 47,781 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Itajaí road map Schroeder-Itajaí 155,716 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Guaratuba road map Schroeder-Guaratuba 18,906 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Balneário Camboriú road map Schroeder-Balneário Camboriú 49,100 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Brusque road map Schroeder-Brusque 88,284 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Rio Negro road map Schroeder-Rio Negro 23,006 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Mafra road map Schroeder-Mafra 40,081 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Ibirama road map Schroeder-Ibirama 18,357 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Itapema road map Schroeder-Itapema 36,761 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Lapa road map Schroeder-Lapa 25,621 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Araucária road map Schroeder-Araucária 111,302 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Porto Belo road map Schroeder-Porto Belo 14,720 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-São João Batista road map Schroeder-São João Batista 14,538 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-São José dos Pinhais road map Schroeder-São José dos Pinhais 124,224 inhabitants
Distance Schroeder-Pontal do Paraná road map Schroeder-Pontal do Paraná 14,969 inhabitants

Other names for the city : Joaquim Wolf, Joaquim Wolff

Seats near Schroeder

Saint Sebastian Flat 7 km
Mercure Apartaments Jaraguá Do Sul 8 km
Kayrós Business Hotel 8 km
Mercure Apt Jaragua Do Sul 3 8 km
Barra Parque Hotel 12 km
Hotel Holz 23 km
Hotel 10 Joinville 27 km

Alternate names : Joaquim Wolf, Joaquim Wolff

Near airports Schroeder

Lauro Carneiro de Loyola AirportJoinville35 km
Ministro Victor Konder International AirportNavegantes67 km
Afonso Pena AirportCuritiba99 km
Bacacheri AirportCuritiba113 km
Hercílio Luz International AirportFlorianópolis149 km

Hotels and appartament in Schroeder

Mercure Jaragua Do Sul

Endereço :
Mercure Jaragua Do Sul
Presidente Epitácio Pessoa 239
89251100 Jaraguá Do Sul (Santa Catarina)
The 3-star Mercure Apartments Jaragua Do Sul welcomes you in downtown Jaraguá do Sul, offering an excellent location for tourists and business travelers. Located at 8 km from downtown Schroeder.

Harbor Inn Jaraguá

Endereço :
Harbor Inn Jaraguá
Rua Max Wilhelm, 39
89256-000 Jaragua do Sul (Santa Catarina)
Featuring free WiFi, a fitness centre and a sun terrace, Harbor Inn Etalan offers pet-friendly accommodation in Jaraguá do Sul. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant. Free private parking is available on site. Located at 8 km from downtown Schroeder.

Kayrós Business Hotel

Endereço :
Kayrós Business Hotel
Rua Hugo Braun, 44
89251-165 Jaragua do Sul (Santa Catarina)
Kayrós Business Hotel is a charming hotel located right in Jaraguá do Sul city centre. It provides a 24-hour reception as weel as laundry facilities and room service. Located at 8 km from downtown Schroeder.

Hotel Itajara

Endereço :
Hotel Itajara
Rua Expedicionário Gumercindo da Silva, 237
89252-000 Jaragua do Sul (Santa Catarina)
Situated next to the main shopping areas in Jaraguá do Sul town centre, this hotel offers buffet breakfast, a bar, free Wi-Fi and free parking. The mall Jaragua Park Shopping is right next door. Located at 8 km from downtown Schroeder.

Trips from major cities to Schroeder

Apia WS Tuamasaga Route Schroeder Apia 12,391 km
Guatemala City GT Departamento de Guatemala Route Schroeder Guatemala City 6,402 km
Djibouti DJ Djibouti Region Route Schroeder Djibouti 10,807 km
Sarajevo BA Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Route Schroeder Sarajevo 10,403 km
Prague CZ Hlavní město Praha Route Schroeder Prague 10,560 km
Roseau DM Saint George Route Schroeder Roseau 4,831 km
Moscow RU Moskva Route Schroeder Moscow 12,222 km
Praia CV Concelho da Praia Route Schroeder Praia 5,370 km
Managua NI Departamento de Managua Route Schroeder Managua 5,881 km
Maseru LS Maseru Route Schroeder Maseru 7,399 km
Port Louis MU Port Louis District Route Schroeder Port Louis 10,571 km
Moroni KM Grande Comore Route Schroeder Moroni 9,670 km
Tbilisi GE K'alak'i T'bilisi Route Schroeder Tbilisi 12,241 km
Reykjavík IS Höfuðborgarsvæði Route Schroeder Reykjavík 10,355 km
Warsaw PL Województwo Mazowieckie Route Schroeder Warsaw 11,075 km
Addis Ababa ET Ādīs Ābeba Āstedader Route Schroeder Addis Ababa 10,249 km
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