The distances between Picos (Piauí) and other cities
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Picos is located in the region Piauí. The population of Picos totalled 57,495 inhabitants, representing 0.03% of the total population of Piauí.

This page allows you to calculate a route from Picos to another destination. Also see the distances and routes between Picos and other cities and get the parcour length and estimated fuel cost.

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203 m
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Distance between Picos and the most populated cities

Distance Picos-São Paulo Itinerary Picos-São Paulo 10,021,295 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Rio de Janeiro Itinerary Picos-Rio de Janeiro 6,023,699 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Salvador Itinerary Picos-Salvador 2,711,840 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Fortaleza Itinerary Picos-Fortaleza 2,400,000 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Belo Horizonte Itinerary Picos-Belo Horizonte 2,373,224 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Brasília Itinerary Picos-Brasília 2,207,718 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Curitiba Itinerary Picos-Curitiba 1,718,421 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Manaus Itinerary Picos-Manaus 1,598,210 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Recife Itinerary Picos-Recife 1,478,098 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Belém Itinerary Picos-Belém 1,407,737 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Porto Alegre Itinerary Picos-Porto Alegre 1,372,741 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Goiânia Itinerary Picos-Goiânia 1,171,195 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Guarulhos Itinerary Picos-Guarulhos 1,169,577 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Campinas Itinerary Picos-Campinas 1,031,554 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Nova Iguaçu Itinerary Picos-Nova Iguaçu 1,002,118 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Maceió Itinerary Picos-Maceió 954,991 inhabitants
Distance Picos-São Luís Itinerary Picos-São Luís 917,237 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Duque de Caxias Itinerary Picos-Duque de Caxias 818,329 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Natal Itinerary Picos-Natal 763,043 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Teresina Itinerary Picos-Teresina 744,512 inhabitants

Cities near Picos

Distance Picos-Itainópolis road map Picos-Itainópolis 2,922 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Jaicós road map Picos-Jaicós 7,107 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Inhuma road map Picos-Inhuma 7,056 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Oeiras road map Picos-Oeiras 21,071 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Valença do Piauí road map Picos-Valença do Piauí 15,881 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Simões road map Picos-Simões 4,332 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Pimenteiras road map Picos-Pimenteiras 3,819 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Simplício Mendes road map Picos-Simplício Mendes 7,076 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Pio IX road map Picos-Pio IX 4,973 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Ipueiras road map Picos-Ipueiras 17,111 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Campos Sales road map Picos-Campos Sales 17,648 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Araripina road map Picos-Araripina 38,569 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Elesbão Veloso road map Picos-Elesbão Veloso 10,430 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Parambu road map Picos-Parambu 14,656 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Trindade road map Picos-Trindade 19,313 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Araripe road map Picos-Araripe 11,860 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Ipubi road map Picos-Ipubi 16,424 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Regeneração road map Picos-Regeneração 13,608 inhabitants
Distance Picos-São João do Piauí road map Picos-São João do Piauí 12,688 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Ouricuri road map Picos-Ouricuri 29,317 inhabitants
Distance Picos-São João dos Inhamuns road map Picos-São João dos Inhamuns 29,188 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Amarante road map Picos-Amarante 8,828 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Água Branca road map Picos-Água Branca 13,912 inhabitants
Distance Picos-São Pedro do Piauí road map Picos-São Pedro do Piauí 7,408 inhabitants
Distance Picos-Canto do Buriti road map Picos-Canto do Buriti 11,714 inhabitants

Other names for the city : PCS, Picos, Pikus, pi ku si, pikosa, pikuseu, pikusu, Пикус, পিকোস, ピークス, 皮库斯, 피쿠스

Seats near Picos

Malhada Grande 5 km
Vaca Morta 6 km
Roça Nova 6 km
Saco 7 km
Umari 10 km
Lagoa Grande 11 km
Água Brava 12 km
Sussuapara 12 km
Conselho 13 km
Pé da Serra 13 km
Lagoa dos Pereiras 14 km
Cajueiro 15 km
Veados 17 km
Queimada Bonita 18 km
Cocos 19 km
Escondido 20 km
Jacu 20 km
Barreiro 21 km
Jatobá 21 km
Saco do Gato 21 km
Baixio 22 km
Baixa Grande 22 km
Chapada do Forno 23 km
Morrinhos 27 km
Picos 7 km
Picos Airport 6 km

Alternate names : PCS, Picos, Pikus, pi ku si, pikosa, pikuseu, pikusu, Пикус, পিকোস, ピークス, 皮库斯, 피쿠스

Near airports Picos

Senador Petrônio Portela AirportTeresina270 km
Senador Nilo Coelho AirportPetrolina273 km
Paulo Afonso AirportPaulo Afonso439 km
Pinto Martins International AirportFortaleza491 km
Dix-Sept Rosado AirportMossoró500 km

Hotels and appartament in Picos

Entre Rios Hotel

Endereço :
Entre Rios Hotel
Avenida Senador Helvídio Nunes, 879
64600-000 Picos (Piaui)
Just 300 metres from Picos Bus Station, Entre Rios Hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi, free parking and a LED TV. It features a restaurant, bar and 24-hour reception. Located at 1 km from downtown Picos.

Center Hotel

Endereço :
Center Hotel
Rua Francisco Prota 520
64600-000 Picos
Center Hotel is a 4-star property set in Picos. The hotel features a restaurant, a spa and wellness centre and free WiFi. All rooms include a balcony. Guest rooms in the hotel are equipped with a TV. Located at 1 km from downtown Picos.

Hotel P da Silva

Endereço :
Hotel P da Silva
Av. Sen. Helvídio Nunes, 2593 Dner - Picos - Piauí
64607-515 Picos
Boasting a terrace and free WiFi, Hotel P da Silva is situated in Picos. This 3-star hotel has air-conditioned rooms with a private bathroom. The property has a restaurant. At the hotel, the rooms are equipped with a desk. Located at 2 km from downtown Picos.

Trips from major cities to Picos

San Juan PR San Juan Route Picos San Juan 3,925 km
Kyiv UA Misto Kyyiv Route Picos Kyiv 9,378 km
Andorra la Vella AD Andorra la Vella Route Picos Andorra la Vella 7,028 km
Montevideo UY Departamento de Montevideo Route Picos Montevideo 3,445 km
Tunis TN Gouvernorat de Tunis Route Picos Tunis 7,259 km
Bogotá CO Distrito Capital de Bogotá Route Picos Bogotá 3,850 km
Moroni KM Grande Comore Route Picos Moroni 9,288 km
Manila PH National Capital Region Route Picos Manila 17,945 km
Asunción PY Asunción Route Picos Asunción 2,659 km
Havana CU La Habana Route Picos Havana 5,579 km
Pyongyang KP Pyongyang Route Picos Pyongyang 16,256 km
Helsinki FI Uusimaa Route Picos Helsinki 9,439 km
Tarawa KI Gilbert Islands Route Picos Tarawa 16,162 km
Budapest HU Budapest főváros Route Picos Budapest 8,478 km
Riga LV Rīga Route Picos Riga 9,248 km
Brasília BR Federal District Route Picos Brasília 1,198 km
Male MV Kaafu Atoll Route Picos Male 12,832 km
Ouagadougou BF Centre Route Picos Ouagadougou 4,920 km
Tehran IR Ostān-e Tehrān Route Picos Tehran 10,738 km
Lilongwe MW Central Region Route Picos Lilongwe 8,243 km