Distances and routes from the main cities of Amazonas

The largest cities in the Amazonas

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Brasilia
Manaus1,598,210 inhabitants1,936 km
Itacoatiara64,937 inhabitants1,818 km
Parintins64,428 inhabitants1,754 km
Manacapuru52,459 inhabitants1,965 km
Coari50,490 inhabitants2,113 km
Tefé44,942 inhabitants2,300 km
Humaitá31,206 inhabitants1,884 km
Tabatinga28,229 inhabitants2,730 km
Rio Preto da Eva24,283 inhabitants1,946 km
Maués22,475 inhabitants1,748 km
Carauari18,059 inhabitants2,402 km
Eirunepé17,175 inhabitants2,599 km
Fonte Boa16,060 inhabitants2,479 km
São Gabriel da Cachoeira15,231 inhabitants2,733 km
Boca do Acre14,427 inhabitants2,256 km
Manicoré14,055 inhabitants1,834 km
Benjamin Constant13,998 inhabitants2,731 km
Nova Olinda do Norte12,343 inhabitants1,801 km
Borba11,918 inhabitants1,798 km
São Paulo de Olivença11,763 inhabitants2,677 km
Barreirinha11,257 inhabitants1,759 km
Codajás11,185 inhabitants2,039 km
Iranduba11,180 inhabitants1,933 km
Novo Aripuanã11,044 inhabitants1,805 km
Urucurituba10,180 inhabitants1,800 km
Manaquiri9,981 inhabitants1,943 km
Envira9,956 inhabitants2,605 km
Guajará9,774 inhabitants1,781 km
Autazes9,614 inhabitants1,830 km
Santo Antônio do Içá9,302 inhabitants2,607 km
Urucará8,603 inhabitants1,826 km
Anori8,064 inhabitants2,010 km
Nhamundá7,772 inhabitants1,794 km
Pauini7,633 inhabitants2,260 km
Barcelos7,353 inhabitants2,330 km
Careiro da Várzea6,659 inhabitants1,913 km
Canutama6,320 inhabitants2,069 km
Jutaí5,862 inhabitants2,577 km
Alvarães5,527 inhabitants2,318 km
Tonantins4,561 inhabitants2,609 km
Maraã4,387 inhabitants2,464 km
Santa Isabel do Rio Negro4,142 inhabitants2,540 km
Uarini2,796 inhabitants2,360 km
Barro Alto50 inhabitants2,181 km