Distances and routes from the main cities of Goiás

The largest cities in the Goiás

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Brasilia
Goiânia1,171,195 inhabitants173 km
Aparecida de Goiânia510,770 inhabitants182 km
Anápolis319,587 inhabitants125 km
Luziânia143,601 inhabitants53 km
Trindade97,521 inhabitants193 km
Planaltina88,853 inhabitants50 km
Formosa81,232 inhabitants69 km
Itumbiara79,582 inhabitants324 km
Jataí76,547 inhabitants467 km
Caldas Novas63,675 inhabitants231 km
Catalão63,544 inhabitants266 km
Senador Canedo61,800 inhabitants162 km
Goianésia47,883 inhabitants137 km
Inhumas44,058 inhabitants179 km
Mineiros38,951 inhabitants532 km
Cristalina36,531 inhabitants115 km
Santa Helena de Goiás34,254 inhabitants363 km
Morrinhos34,143 inhabitants250 km
Porangatu32,758 inhabitants292 km
Quirinópolis32,104 inhabitants400 km
Jaraguá30,409 inhabitants151 km
Uruaçu30,088 inhabitants191 km
Iporá28,254 inhabitants349 km
Niquelândia27,541 inhabitants156 km
Goiatuba25,925 inhabitants291 km
Pires do Rio24,822 inhabitants173 km
São Luís de Montes Belos23,619 inhabitants274 km
Goianira22,822 inhabitants179 km
Itaberaí22,129 inhabitants203 km
Nerópolis21,870 inhabitants155 km
Posse20,003 inhabitants252 km
Itapuranga19,709 inhabitants218 km
Goiás19,098 inhabitants237 km
São Miguel do Araguaia18,809 inhabitants368 km
Ceres18,759 inhabitants186 km
Ipameri18,607 inhabitants218 km
Aragarças16,781 inhabitants463 km
Piracanjuba16,736 inhabitants205 km
Rubiataba16,128 inhabitants212 km
Padre Bernardo16,118 inhabitants78 km
Itapaci16,117 inhabitants197 km
Anicuns15,684 inhabitants230 km
Campos Belos15,582 inhabitants330 km
Bela Vista de Goiás14,289 inhabitants172 km
Pontalina13,639 inhabitants253 km
Pirenópolis13,615 inhabitants111 km
Palmeiras de Goiás13,572 inhabitants242 km
Crixás11,559 inhabitants258 km
Silvânia11,377 inhabitants122 km
Mozarlândia11,251 inhabitants306 km
Caiapônia10,947 inhabitants435 km
Uruana10,258 inhabitants190 km
Goianápolis10,114 inhabitants143 km
Caçu10,098 inhabitants460 km
Guapó10,075 inhabitants207 km
Piranhas9,886 inhabitants422 km
Edéia9,838 inhabitants275 km
Paraúna9,731 inhabitants299 km
Buriti Alegre9,427 inhabitants288 km
Rialma9,270 inhabitants185 km