Distances and routes from the main cities of Mato Grosso

The largest cities in the Mato Grosso

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Brasilia
Cuiabá521,934 inhabitants875 km
Várzea Grande249,752 inhabitants879 km
Rondonópolis152,912 inhabitants721 km
Sinop116,013 inhabitants927 km
Barra do Garças52,398 inhabitants464 km
Barra do Bugres31,311 inhabitants996 km
Pontes e Lacerda29,381 inhabitants1,225 km
Lucas27,665 inhabitants858 km
Aripuanã26,983 inhabitants1,564 km
Jaciara22,737 inhabitants754 km
Poconé21,484 inhabitants932 km
Nova Xavantina20,639 inhabitants491 km
Nova Olímpia19,274 inhabitants1,011 km
Diamantino15,699 inhabitants928 km
Chapada dos Guimarães13,650 inhabitants839 km
Poxoréo12,475 inhabitants692 km
Nobres12,009 inhabitants910 km
Guiratinga10,934 inhabitants627 km
Rosário Oeste10,468 inhabitants918 km
Nortelândia9,634 inhabitants965 km
Arenápolis9,059 inhabitants969 km
Alto Araguaia8,780 inhabitants589 km
Santo Antônio do Leverger6,387 inhabitants873 km
Barão de Melgaço4,353 inhabitants861 km
Araguaiana3,512 inhabitants418 km
Vila Mutum300 inhabitants1,235 km
Garimpo Juruena200 inhabitants1,372 km
Garimpo Clareira100 inhabitants1,356 km