Distances and routes from the main cities of Paraná

The largest cities in the Paraná

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Brasilia
Curitiba1,718,421 inhabitants1,083 km
Londrina471,832 inhabitants904 km
Maringá311,724 inhabitants949 km
Foz do Iguaçu293,523 inhabitants1,289 km
Ponta Grossa292,177 inhabitants1,063 km
Cascavel257,172 inhabitants1,173 km
Colombo217,000 inhabitants1,067 km
Guarapuava150,850 inhabitants1,131 km
Paranaguá141,013 inhabitants1,086 km
São José dos Pinhais124,224 inhabitants1,094 km
Toledo119,313 inhabitants1,165 km
Pinhais117,000 inhabitants1,084 km
Araucária111,302 inhabitants1,103 km
Umuarama107,319 inhabitants1,053 km
Apucarana107,085 inhabitants941 km
Arapongas97,512 inhabitants926 km
Campo Largo94,668 inhabitants1,090 km
Cambé91,080 inhabitants905 km
Almirante Tamandaré89,499 inhabitants1,072 km
Sarandi84,697 inhabitants948 km
Campo Mourão75,401 inhabitants1,031 km
Paranavaí72,848 inhabitants941 km
Pato Branco65,754 inhabitants1,263 km
Telêmaco Borba58,880 inhabitants992 km
Francisco Beltrão57,618 inhabitants1,264 km
Cianorte55,994 inhabitants1,005 km
Rolândia51,004 inhabitants912 km
União da Vitória48,741 inhabitants1,209 km
Cornélio Procópio48,487 inhabitants872 km
Irati45,830 inhabitants1,115 km
Ibiporã44,790 inhabitants895 km
Marechal Cândido Rondon43,028 inhabitants1,168 km
Castro42,091 inhabitants1,026 km
Piraquara41,161 inhabitants1,082 km
Palmas39,150 inhabitants1,264 km
Mandaguari38,238 inhabitants949 km
Santo Antônio da Platina35,260 inhabitants866 km
Jacarezinho35,090 inhabitants849 km
Paiçandu34,365 inhabitants957 km
Medianeira34,069 inhabitants1,238 km
Campina Grande do Sul31,112 inhabitants1,067 km
Jaguariaíva30,626 inhabitants960 km
Bandeirantes29,494 inhabitants855 km
Itaperuçu26,546 inhabitants1,061 km
Rio Branco do Sul26,441 inhabitants1,057 km
Marialva26,000 inhabitants948 km
Ibaiti25,796 inhabitants929 km
Lapa25,621 inhabitants1,127 km
São Mateus do Sul24,904 inhabitants1,152 km
Palotina23,059 inhabitants1,130 km
Rio Negro23,006 inhabitants1,166 km
Dois Vizinhos22,766 inhabitants1,229 km
Cambará21,380 inhabitants840 km
Colorado20,449 inhabitants893 km
Astorga20,128 inhabitants917 km
Imbituva19,671 inhabitants1,088 km
Prudentópolis19,611 inhabitants1,097 km
Guaratuba18,906 inhabitants1,127 km
Pitanga18,652 inhabitants1,076 km
Palmeira18,630 inhabitants1,096 km