Distances and routes from the main cities of Rio Grande do Sul

The largest cities in the Rio Grande do Sul

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Brasilia
Porto Alegre1,372,741 inhabitants1,622 km
Caxias do Sul381,270 inhabitants1,527 km
Canoas328,291 inhabitants1,609 km
Pelotas320,674 inhabitants1,836 km
Viamão285,269 inhabitants1,623 km
Novo Hamburgo253,841 inhabitants1,581 km
Santa Maria249,219 inhabitants1,660 km
Gravataí238,778 inhabitants1,607 km
São Leopoldo209,229 inhabitants1,591 km
Rio Grande187,838 inhabitants1,858 km
Passo Fundo179,529 inhabitants1,464 km
Sapucaia130,937 inhabitants1,599 km
Uruguaiana123,480 inhabitants1,816 km
Cachoeirinha121,084 inhabitants1,610 km
Santa Cruz do Sul106,113 inhabitants1,618 km
Guaíba101,024 inhabitants1,633 km
Bagé98,940 inhabitants1,841 km
Erechim96,087 inhabitants1,394 km
Bento Gonçalves90,852 inhabitants1,535 km
Santana do Livramento89,694 inhabitants1,851 km
Alegrete87,236 inhabitants1,754 km
Esteio84,902 inhabitants1,602 km
Sapiranga76,051 inhabitants1,574 km
Cachoeira do Sul74,694 inhabitants1,666 km
Ijuí71,202 inhabitants1,533 km
Lajeado65,407 inhabitants1,579 km
Cruz Alta65,275 inhabitants1,546 km
Santo Ângelo64,606 inhabitants1,538 km
São Borja59,613 inhabitants1,656 km
Carazinho59,417 inhabitants1,479 km
Santa Rosa58,957 inhabitants1,506 km
Farroupilha57,650 inhabitants1,537 km
Vacaria56,765 inhabitants1,451 km
São Gabriel55,434 inhabitants1,747 km
Montenegro54,057 inhabitants1,590 km
Camaquã53,169 inhabitants1,724 km
Parobé48,559 inhabitants1,570 km
Taquara48,051 inhabitants1,571 km
Santiago46,611 inhabitants1,654 km
Venâncio Aires40,627 inhabitants1,600 km
Estância Velha40,390 inhabitants1,579 km
Dom Pedrito36,911 inhabitants1,826 km
Rosário do Sul36,721 inhabitants1,762 km
Capão da Canoa35,896 inhabitants1,569 km
Tramandaí34,734 inhabitants1,597 km
Itaqui34,631 inhabitants1,729 km
Osório34,628 inhabitants1,588 km
Canela33,528 inhabitants1,540 km
Torres32,791 inhabitants1,520 km
Charqueadas32,076 inhabitants1,622 km
São Luiz Gonzaga31,798 inhabitants1,581 km
Palmeira das Missões30,954 inhabitants1,459 km
Panambi30,407 inhabitants1,506 km
Garibaldi30,364 inhabitants1,545 km
Candelária30,171 inhabitants1,624 km
Jaguarão29,613 inhabitants1,948 km
Igrejinha28,679 inhabitants1,563 km
Santa Vitória do Palmar27,775 inhabitants2,049 km
Taquari27,107 inhabitants1,612 km
Rio Pardo26,998 inhabitants1,646 km