Distances and routes from the main cities of Santa Catarina

The largest cities in the Santa Catarina

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Brasilia
Joinville461,304 inhabitants1,175 km
Florianópolis412,724 inhabitants1,317 km
Blumenau293,949 inhabitants1,246 km
São José200,000 inhabitants1,390 km
Lages164,676 inhabitants1,362 km
Criciúma161,954 inhabitants1,443 km
Chapecó160,157 inhabitants1,350 km
Itajaí155,716 inhabitants1,241 km
Jaraguá do Sul130,130 inhabitants1,198 km
Palhoça122,423 inhabitants1,323 km
Brusque88,284 inhabitants1,264 km
São Bento do Sul77,597 inhabitants1,175 km
Tubarão67,245 inhabitants1,417 km
Caçador63,726 inhabitants1,265 km
Concórdia55,367 inhabitants1,344 km
Biguaçu51,992 inhabitants1,306 km
Rio do Sul51,944 inhabitants1,285 km
Içara51,454 inhabitants1,447 km
Balneário Camboriú49,100 inhabitants1,250 km
Navegantes47,781 inhabitants1,240 km
Indaial44,359 inhabitants1,245 km
Imbituba43,450 inhabitants1,389 km
Araranguá43,444 inhabitants1,473 km
Videira42,440 inhabitants1,294 km
Rio Negrinho41,914 inhabitants1,178 km
Mafra40,081 inhabitants1,166 km
Laguna39,711 inhabitants1,417 km
Canoinhas38,862 inhabitants1,185 km
Itapema36,761 inhabitants1,261 km
São Francisco do Sul36,224 inhabitants1,167 km
Timbó33,765 inhabitants1,237 km
Gaspar33,658 inhabitants1,246 km
Xanxerê32,957 inhabitants1,319 km
Curitibanos32,141 inhabitants1,310 km
Porto União28,907 inhabitants1,209 km
Capinzal23,795 inhabitants1,342 km
Joaçaba23,516 inhabitants1,322 km
Forquilhinha22,998 inhabitants1,452 km
Campos Novos22,563 inhabitants1,338 km
Tijucas22,481 inhabitants1,278 km
Braço do Norte22,374 inhabitants1,397 km
Pomerode21,898 inhabitants1,227 km
Guaramirim21,422 inhabitants1,196 km
Ribeirão da Ilha21,000 inhabitants1,328 km
Freguesia do Ribeirao da Ilha21,000 inhabitants1,331 km
Penha20,096 inhabitants1,226 km
Campinas20,000 inhabitants1,317 km
Santo Amaro da Imperatriz18,418 inhabitants1,329 km
Ibirama18,357 inhabitants1,266 km
Barra Velha17,665 inhabitants1,211 km
Orleans16,422 inhabitants1,407 km
São Joaquim16,250 inhabitants1,408 km
Schroeder15,505 inhabitants1,190 km
Celso Ramos15,162 inhabitants1,366 km
Trindade15,100 inhabitants1,316 km
Santa Cecília15,092 inhabitants1,271 km
São Lourenço do Oeste14,871 inhabitants1,283 km
Sombrio14,864 inhabitants1,494 km
Três Barras14,855 inhabitants1,176 km
Porto Belo14,720 inhabitants1,268 km