Distances and routes from the main cities of São Paulo

The largest cities in the São Paulo

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Brasilia
São Paulo10,021,295 inhabitants875 km
Guarulhos1,169,577 inhabitants868 km
Campinas1,031,554 inhabitants798 km
São Bernardo do Campo743,372 inhabitants893 km
Osasco677,856 inhabitants871 km
Santo André662,373 inhabitants890 km
Ribeirão Preto619,746 inhabitants601 km
São José dos Campos613,764 inhabitants851 km
Sorocaba558,862 inhabitants861 km
Santos411,403 inhabitants926 km
Diadema390,633 inhabitants891 km
Mauá386,069 inhabitants891 km
São José do Rio Preto374,699 inhabitants582 km
Carapicuíba361,112 inhabitants870 km
Piracicaba342,209 inhabitants774 km
Itaquaquecetuba336,679 inhabitants874 km
Bauru335,024 inhabitants737 km
Mogi das Cruzes325,746 inhabitants881 km
São Vicente324,457 inhabitants925 km
Jundiaí321,589 inhabitants832 km
Guarujá310,424 inhabitants931 km
Franca305,041 inhabitants533 km
Limeira289,665 inhabitants757 km
Suzano283,314 inhabitants881 km
Barueri251,994 inhabitants868 km
Taubaté251,641 inhabitants844 km
Praia Grande250,027 inhabitants930 km
Sumaré227,977 inhabitants787 km
Embu221,733 inhabitants883 km
Taboão da Serra214,523 inhabitants882 km
Jacareí213,110 inhabitants863 km
Marília212,218 inhabitants747 km
Presidente Prudente209,502 inhabitants795 km
São Carlos205,035 inhabitants694 km
Hortolândia203,533 inhabitants792 km
Itapevi201,748 inhabitants871 km
Americana196,022 inhabitants777 km
Santa Bárbara d'Oeste188,000 inhabitants778 km
Rio Claro180,147 inhabitants739 km
Indaiatuba179,911 inhabitants817 km
Cotia174,828 inhabitants877 km
Francisco Morato171,790 inhabitants844 km
Araçatuba170,024 inhabitants660 km
Araraquara168,468 inhabitants670 km
Ferraz de Vasconcelos167,900 inhabitants879 km
Itapecerica da Serra151,605 inhabitants891 km
Itu137,586 inhabitants836 km
São Caetano do Sul136,453 inhabitants885 km
Pindamonhangaba132,218 inhabitants836 km
Mogi Guaçu128,865 inhabitants741 km
Itapetininga126,243 inhabitants870 km
Bragança Paulista125,096 inhabitants812 km
Jaú119,206 inhabitants728 km
Cubatão118,410 inhabitants917 km
Botucatu113,862 inhabitants793 km
Jandira113,605 inhabitants869 km
Ribeirão Pires111,888 inhabitants897 km
Atibaia110,968 inhabitants829 km
Várzea Paulista110,936 inhabitants835 km
Catanduva109,612 inhabitants607 km