Distances and routes from the main cities of Ceará

The largest cities in the Ceará

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Brasilia
Fortaleza2,400,000 inhabitants1,691 km
Caucaia275,019 inhabitants1,682 km
Juazeiro do Norte225,230 inhabitants1,338 km
Maracanaú193,529 inhabitants1,671 km
Sobral157,996 inhabitants1,582 km
Crato88,786 inhabitants1,329 km
Iguatu70,380 inhabitants1,409 km
Aquiraz65,116 inhabitants1,685 km
Itapipoca55,784 inhabitants1,645 km
Pacatuba55,291 inhabitants1,662 km
Crateús52,933 inhabitants1,422 km
Cascavel52,357 inhabitants1,675 km
Horizonte51,171 inhabitants1,661 km
Quixadá49,328 inhabitants1,548 km
Tianguá45,696 inhabitants1,541 km
Camocim44,481 inhabitants1,630 km
Aracati44,293 inhabitants1,672 km
Canindé42,720 inhabitants1,583 km
Pacajus41,558 inhabitants1,656 km
Russas39,465 inhabitants1,625 km
Morada Nova37,389 inhabitants1,582 km
Eusébio37,289 inhabitants1,682 km
Beberibe37,025 inhabitants1,678 km
Quixeramobim34,321 inhabitants1,509 km
Barbalha33,943 inhabitants1,331 km
Itapagé32,043 inhabitants1,627 km
Itaitinga30,938 inhabitants1,670 km
Limoeiro do Norte29,449 inhabitants1,599 km
São João dos Inhamuns29,188 inhabitants1,372 km
Acaraú28,389 inhabitants1,671 km
Icó28,323 inhabitants1,438 km
Brejo Santo27,384 inhabitants1,341 km
Ipu26,678 inhabitants1,500 km
Granja25,879 inhabitants1,610 km
Boa Viagem24,671 inhabitants1,486 km
Acopiara24,561 inhabitants1,421 km
Santa Quitéria24,391 inhabitants1,532 km
São Gonçalo do Amarante23,583 inhabitants1,673 km
Trairi23,126 inhabitants1,684 km
Jaguaribe23,065 inhabitants1,498 km
Baturité22,417 inhabitants1,614 km
Nova Russas21,986 inhabitants1,473 km
Várzea Alegre21,841 inhabitants1,424 km
Guaiúba21,820 inhabitants1,656 km
Jaguaruana21,790 inhabitants1,648 km
Paracuru21,196 inhabitants1,687 km
Pedra Branca20,072 inhabitants1,458 km
Pentecoste19,680 inhabitants1,637 km
Paraipaba18,423 inhabitants1,677 km
Guaraciaba do Norte18,186 inhabitants1,513 km
Campos Sales17,648 inhabitants1,272 km
Lavras da Mangabeira17,221 inhabitants1,402 km
Mombaça17,065 inhabitants1,439 km
Viçosa do Ceará16,636 inhabitants1,553 km
Senador Pompeu16,515 inhabitants1,470 km
Varjota16,462 inhabitants1,526 km
Orós16,328 inhabitants1,447 km
Jucás14,821 inhabitants1,379 km
Santana do Acaraú14,707 inhabitants1,611 km
Parambu14,656 inhabitants1,326 km