Distances and routes from the main cities of Maranhão

The largest cities in the Maranhão

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Brasilia
São Luís917,237 inhabitants1,528 km
Imperatriz218,106 inhabitants1,142 km
Caxias148,072 inhabitants1,315 km
Timon124,427 inhabitants1,313 km
Barra do Corda86,662 inhabitants1,181 km
Codó83,288 inhabitants1,336 km
Bacabal72,372 inhabitants1,324 km
Balsas68,056 inhabitants941 km
Santa Inês67,424 inhabitants1,377 km
Chapadinha40,804 inhabitants1,430 km
Pinheiro38,893 inhabitants1,509 km
Coelho Neto36,184 inhabitants1,391 km
Itapecuru Mirim34,943 inhabitants1,433 km
Coroatá34,129 inhabitants1,362 km
Presidente Dutra30,330 inhabitants1,227 km
Grajaú30,217 inhabitants1,126 km
São Mateus do Maranhão28,233 inhabitants1,360 km
São José de Ribamar27,777 inhabitants1,532 km
Viana26,689 inhabitants1,434 km
Lago da Pedra25,996 inhabitants1,313 km
Colinas25,158 inhabitants1,158 km
Pindaré Mirim22,933 inhabitants1,384 km
Santa Luzia22,909 inhabitants909 km
Cururupu22,007 inhabitants1,589 km
Vargem Grande21,419 inhabitants1,431 km
São João dos Patos19,538 inhabitants1,132 km
São Domingos do Maranhão18,275 inhabitants1,200 km
Timbiras17,875 inhabitants1,355 km
Buriti Bravo17,692 inhabitants1,194 km
Estreito17,647 inhabitants1,225 km
Barreirinhas17,437 inhabitants1,554 km
São Bento17,245 inhabitants1,496 km
Penalva17,186 inhabitants1,422 km
Santa Quitéria do Maranhão17,174 inhabitants1,487 km
Arari16,777 inhabitants1,415 km
Tuntum16,402 inhabitants1,225 km
Carolina16,228 inhabitants941 km
Santa Helena16,045 inhabitants1,536 km
Vitória do Mearim15,775 inhabitants1,412 km
Dom Pedro15,570 inhabitants1,255 km
Porto Franco14,873 inhabitants1,053 km
Pio XII14,773 inhabitants1,364 km
Maracaçumé14,164 inhabitants1,544 km
Vitorino Freire13,267 inhabitants1,339 km
Santa Rita13,224 inhabitants1,399 km
Esperantinópolis13,166 inhabitants1,265 km
Carutapera12,819 inhabitants1,637 km
Riachão12,427 inhabitants948 km
Paraibano12,363 inhabitants1,126 km
Bom Jardim12,343 inhabitants988 km
Poção de Pedras12,337 inhabitants1,282 km
Urbano Santos12,268 inhabitants1,485 km
Tutóia12,212 inhabitants1,576 km
Parnarama12,201 inhabitants1,242 km
São Benedito do Rio Preto12,079 inhabitants1,467 km
Raposa11,883 inhabitants1,109 km
Brejo11,636 inhabitants1,461 km
Amarante do Maranhão11,510 inhabitants1,144 km
São Bernardo11,171 inhabitants1,508 km
Monção11,050 inhabitants1,399 km