Distances and routes from the main cities of Pernambuco

The largest cities in the Pernambuco

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Brasilia
Recife1,478,098 inhabitants1,660 km
Jaboatão702,621 inhabitants1,641 km
Jaboatão dos Guararapes630,008 inhabitants1,644 km
Olinda366,754 inhabitants1,665 km
Paulista289,971 inhabitants1,668 km
Caruaru235,371 inhabitants1,545 km
Petrolina194,650 inhabitants1,075 km
Cabo143,105 inhabitants1,632 km
Garanhuns110,085 inhabitants1,460 km
Vitória de Santo Antão107,383 inhabitants1,618 km
São Lourenço da Mata88,416 inhabitants1,650 km
Igarassu86,457 inhabitants1,671 km
Abreu e Lima81,959 inhabitants1,667 km
Santa Cruz do Capibaribe76,450 inhabitants1,545 km
Carpina70,689 inhabitants1,638 km
Gravatá61,249 inhabitants1,588 km
Arcoverde57,163 inhabitants1,439 km
Ipojuca53,364 inhabitants1,623 km
Bezerros51,436 inhabitants1,565 km
Serra Talhada51,203 inhabitants1,360 km
Belo Jardim49,922 inhabitants1,501 km
Escada48,083 inhabitants1,610 km
Moreno45,237 inhabitants1,637 km
Timbaúba45,121 inhabitants1,654 km
Goiana43,980 inhabitants1,679 km
Limoeiro42,328 inhabitants1,619 km
Salgueiro42,152 inhabitants1,286 km
Pesqueira41,896 inhabitants1,475 km
Palmares41,679 inhabitants1,557 km
Sirinhaém40,852 inhabitants1,607 km
Araripina38,569 inhabitants1,220 km
Barreiros35,565 inhabitants1,587 km
Surubim34,580 inhabitants1,593 km
Ribeirão29,818 inhabitants1,586 km
Ouricuri29,317 inhabitants1,226 km
Bom Conselho27,800 inhabitants1,426 km
Brejo da Madre de Deus27,369 inhabitants1,518 km
Nazaré da Mata26,485 inhabitants1,647 km
Lajedo25,261 inhabitants1,490 km
Afogados da Ingazeira25,060 inhabitants1,433 km
Toritama23,940 inhabitants1,555 km
Catende23,322 inhabitants1,546 km
Águas Belas22,563 inhabitants1,389 km
Jatobá20,575 inhabitants1,281 km
Buíque20,324 inhabitants1,417 km
Condado19,585 inhabitants1,668 km
Gameleira19,423 inhabitants1,582 km
Trindade19,313 inhabitants1,222 km
Cupira19,096 inhabitants1,527 km
São José do Egito18,218 inhabitants1,484 km
Sertânia18,190 inhabitants1,443 km
Custódia18,107 inhabitants1,409 km
Floresta18,100 inhabitants1,294 km
Tamandaré17,954 inhabitants1,599 km
Lagoa do Itaenga17,719 inhabitants1,629 km
Glória do Goitá17,374 inhabitants1,625 km
Chã Grande17,112 inhabitants1,595 km
Tabira16,926 inhabitants1,453 km
Itapissuma16,673 inhabitants1,676 km
Amaraji16,660 inhabitants1,587 km