Distances and routes from the main cities of Piauí

The largest cities in the Piauí

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Brasilia
Teresina744,512 inhabitants1,315 km
Parnaíba138,008 inhabitants1,584 km
Picos57,495 inhabitants1,198 km
Floriano48,587 inhabitants1,137 km
Piripiri44,864 inhabitants1,447 km
Campo Maior31,739 inhabitants1,372 km
Altos28,768 inhabitants1,337 km
Pedro II22,038 inhabitants1,449 km
Barras21,597 inhabitants1,424 km
José de Freitas21,432 inhabitants1,360 km
Oeiras21,071 inhabitants1,162 km
Esperantina21,044 inhabitants1,462 km
São Raimundo Nonato19,569 inhabitants943 km
Piracuruca18,852 inhabitants1,485 km
Ipueiras17,111 inhabitants1,270 km
Valença do Piauí15,881 inhabitants1,242 km
União15,677 inhabitants1,364 km
Demerval Lobão15,265 inhabitants1,294 km
Água Branca13,912 inhabitants1,243 km
Regeneração13,608 inhabitants1,207 km
Luzilândia12,999 inhabitants1,501 km
São João do Piauí12,688 inhabitants1,032 km
Bom Jesus12,666 inhabitants841 km
Uruçuí12,243 inhabitants1,020 km
Cocal12,097 inhabitants1,538 km
Canto do Buriti11,714 inhabitants1,012 km
Luís Correia11,479 inhabitants1,592 km
Miguel Alves10,438 inhabitants1,405 km
Elesbão Veloso10,430 inhabitants1,239 km
Buriti dos Lopes9,475 inhabitants1,552 km
Amarante8,828 inhabitants1,198 km
Batalha8,744 inhabitants1,457 km
Castelo do Piauí8,589 inhabitants1,357 km
São Miguel do Tapuio7,964 inhabitants1,353 km
São Pedro do Piauí7,408 inhabitants1,235 km
Jaicós7,107 inhabitants1,194 km
Simplício Mendes7,076 inhabitants1,099 km
Inhuma7,056 inhabitants1,220 km
Porto6,535 inhabitants1,441 km
Itaueira5,146 inhabitants1,055 km
Beneditinos5,005 inhabitants1,301 km
Pio IX4,973 inhabitants1,278 km
Gilbués4,920 inhabitants719 km
Monsenhor Gil4,751 inhabitants1,277 km
Alto Longá4,435 inhabitants1,328 km
Simões4,332 inhabitants1,195 km
Palmeirais4,262 inhabitants1,214 km
Matias Olímpio4,012 inhabitants1,466 km
Pimenteiras3,819 inhabitants1,277 km
Itainópolis2,922 inhabitants1,164 km
Barro Alto100 inhabitants820 km