Distances and routes from the main cities of Rio Grande do Norte

The largest cities in the Rio Grande do Norte

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Brasilia
Natal763,043 inhabitants1,779 km
Mossoró202,005 inhabitants1,652 km
Parnamirim150,343 inhabitants1,766 km
Caicó54,934 inhabitants1,573 km
Macaíba40,015 inhabitants1,762 km
Açu36,125 inhabitants1,655 km
Currais Novos35,560 inhabitants1,635 km
Ceará Mirim32,667 inhabitants1,772 km
Santa Cruz27,775 inhabitants1,679 km
Nova Cruz23,166 inhabitants1,712 km
João Câmara19,885 inhabitants1,746 km
Canguaretama18,873 inhabitants1,745 km
Areia Branca18,372 inhabitants1,686 km
Macau18,070 inhabitants1,713 km
Extremoz17,991 inhabitants1,777 km
Apodi16,757 inhabitants1,579 km
Parelhas16,377 inhabitants1,592 km
São José de Mipibu15,298 inhabitants1,757 km
Baraúna14,112 inhabitants1,640 km
Goianinha13,433 inhabitants1,746 km
São Miguel12,838 inhabitants1,789 km
Santo Antônio12,529 inhabitants1,720 km
Caraúbas12,462 inhabitants1,587 km
Jucurutu11,535 inhabitants1,611 km
Jardim de Piranhas10,935 inhabitants1,558 km
São Gonçalo do Amarante10,381 inhabitants1,769 km
São José do Campestre10,254 inhabitants1,699 km
Nísia Floresta10,115 inhabitants1,758 km
Alexandria9,769 inhabitants1,502 km
Jardim do Seridó9,520 inhabitants1,590 km
Pendências9,363 inhabitants1,694 km
São Paulo do Potengi9,333 inhabitants1,725 km
Patu8,841 inhabitants1,556 km
Umarizal8,780 inhabitants1,551 km
Montanhas8,442 inhabitants1,724 km
Tangará8,067 inhabitants1,700 km
Santana do Matos8,050 inhabitants1,646 km
Angicos7,728 inhabitants1,673 km
Touros7,662 inhabitants1,801 km
Brejinho7,625 inhabitants1,738 km
Arês7,231 inhabitants1,755 km
Poço Branco7,112 inhabitants1,753 km
Afonso Bezerra6,947 inhabitants1,693 km
Upanema6,704 inhabitants1,622 km
Monte Alegre6,643 inhabitants1,680 km
Governador Dix Sept Rosado6,626 inhabitants1,616 km
Pedro Velho6,366 inhabitants1,733 km
São Tomé6,137 inhabitants1,693 km
Lagoa Nova5,984 inhabitants1,650 km
Cerro Corá4,927 inhabitants1,665 km
Ipanguaçu4,624 inhabitants1,665 km
Taipu4,606 inhabitants1,759 km
Severiano Melo2,503 inhabitants1,557 km