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Thanks to this site, you have the necessary tools to establish a route for your trips and trips in Brazil. Among the main features of abc-distancias.com, you have the calculation of distances between 2 cities or 2 different places. The calculated distances also depend on the different types of itineraries and the different modes of travel (car, bicycle, pedestrian, public transportation). For each trip calculation, you also have an indication of how long it takes to reach your destination and the cost of fuel.

You also have, at the level of the pages dedicated to cities, the list of nearby places such as railway stations, airports, museums, hotels, various topological sites such as lakes, rivers, mountains and many other places. Other information that can inform you about the surroundings of a city.

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Brazilian states

Rio Grande do Norte3,168,133 inhabitants
Piauí3,119,015 inhabitants
Pernambuco8,796,032 inhabitants
Paraíba3,766,834 inhabitants
Pará7,588,078 inhabitants
Maranhão6,569,683 inhabitants
Ceará8,448,055 inhabitants
Amapá668,689 inhabitants
Alagoas3,120,922 inhabitants
Sergipe2,068,031 inhabitants
São Paulo41,252,160 inhabitants
Santa Catarina6,249,682 inhabitants
Rio Grande do Sul10,695,532 inhabitants
Rio de Janeiro15,993,583 inhabitants
Paraná10,439,601 inhabitants
Minas Gerais19,595,309 inhabitants
Mato Grosso do Sul2,505,088 inhabitants
Mato Grosso3,033,991 inhabitants
Goiás6,004,045 inhabitants
Federal District2,648,532 inhabitants
Espírito Santo3,512,672 inhabitants
Bahia14,175,341 inhabitants
Tocantins1,383,453 inhabitants
Roraima451,227 inhabitants
Amazonas3,480,937 inhabitants
Acre732,793 inhabitants
Rondônia1,560,501 inhabitants

The largest cities in Brazil

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Brasilia
São Paulo11,244,369 inhabitants884 km
Rio de Janeiro6,323,037 inhabitants930 km
Salvador2,676,606 inhabitants1,063 km
Brasília2,562,963 inhabitants4 km
Fortaleza2,447,409 inhabitants1,692 km
Belo Horizonte2,375,444 inhabitants626 km
Manaus1,802,525 inhabitants1,940 km
Curitiba1,746,896 inhabitants1,092 km
Recife1,536,934 inhabitants1,656 km
Porto Alegre1,409,939 inhabitants1,630 km
Belém1,392,031 inhabitants1,620 km
Goiânia1,301,892 inhabitants171 km
Guarulhos1,222,357 inhabitants864 km
Campinas1,080,999 inhabitants798 km
São Luís1,011,943 inhabitants1,515 km
São Gonçalo999,901 inhabitants936 km
Maceió932,608 inhabitants1,497 km
Duque de Caxias855,046 inhabitants907 km
Teresina814,439 inhabitants1,317 km
Natal803,811 inhabitants1,776 km
Nova Iguaçu795,212 inhabitants898 km
Campo Grande787,204 inhabitants878 km
São Bernardo do Campo765,203 inhabitants906 km
João Pessoa723,514 inhabitants1,716 km
Santo André673,914 inhabitants895 km
Osasco666,469 inhabitants871 km
Jaboatão dos Guararapes644,699 inhabitants1,646 km
São José dos Campos627,544 inhabitants841 km
Ribeirão Preto605,114 inhabitants606 km
Contagem603,048 inhabitants613 km
Uberlândia600,285 inhabitants364 km
Sorocaba586,311 inhabitants860 km
Aracaju570,937 inhabitants1,288 km
Feira de Santana556,756 inhabitants1,035 km
Cuiabá551,350 inhabitants854 km
Juiz de Fora517,872 inhabitants816 km
Joinville515,250 inhabitants1,173 km
Londrina506,645 inhabitants930 km
Niterói487,327 inhabitants943 km
Ananindeua471,744 inhabitants1,608 km
Belford Roxo469,261 inhabitants907 km
Campos dos Goytacazes463,545 inhabitants947 km
São João de Meriti459,356 inhabitants917 km
Aparecida de Goiânia455,735 inhabitants184 km
Caxias do Sul435,482 inhabitants1,511 km
Porto Velho426,558 inhabitants1,923 km
Florianópolis421,203 inhabitants1,319 km
Santos419,757 inhabitants916 km
Mauá417,281 inhabitants891 km
Vila Velha414,420 inhabitants954 km

The largest cities in the world

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Brasilia
Buenos Aires13,076,300 inhabitants0 km
Mexico City12,294,193 inhabitants0 km
Beijing11,716,620 inhabitants0 km
Moscow10,381,222 inhabitants0 km
Dhaka10,356,500 inhabitants0 km
Seoul10,349,312 inhabitants0 km
Jakarta8,540,121 inhabitants0 km
Tokyo8,336,599 inhabitants0 km
Taipei7,871,900 inhabitants0 km
Lima7,737,002 inhabitants0 km
Bogotá7,674,366 inhabitants0 km
London7,556,900 inhabitants0 km
Baghdad7,216,000 inhabitants0 km
Tehran7,153,309 inhabitants0 km
Hong Kong7,012,738 inhabitants0 km
Bangkok5,104,476 inhabitants0 km
Santiago4,837,295 inhabitants0 km
Riyadh4,205,961 inhabitants0 km
Singapore3,547,809 inhabitants0 km
Ankara3,517,182 inhabitants0 km
Berlin3,426,354 inhabitants0 km
Madrid3,255,944 inhabitants0 km
Pyongyang3,222,000 inhabitants0 km
Kabul3,043,532 inhabitants0 km
Caracas3,000,000 inhabitants0 km
Kyiv2,797,553 inhabitants0 km
Rome2,318,895 inhabitants0 km
Brasília2,207,718 inhabitants0 km
Santo Domingo2,201,941 inhabitants0 km
Havana2,163,824 inhabitants0 km

Administrative level in Brazil

Administrative subdivisionsLevelTotal
Estados (States) Level 126
Distrito Federal (Federal district) Level 11
Microrregiões (Microregions) Level 2557
Municípios (Municipalities) Level 35570

Statistics Brazil

ContinentSouth America
Iso codesBR / BRA / 76
Time zoneAmerica/Sao_Paulo
area8,511,965 km2
Dial code+55
Internet tld.br
Postalformat 99999-999
GDP2,190 billion dollars
GDP per capita10,890 dollars
neighboursArgentina, Bolivia, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Paraguay, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela.